My Books – a Summary of the Books I have Written or Published

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Available from all Amazon sites in paperback and Kindle format.



Also available from Apple iBooks.

At five years old Mary Queen of Scots was sent to France for her own safety, as English armies ravaged Scotland. Mary returned to Scotland to rule as queen aged eighteen in a royal fleet, and left only seven years later, exhausted and terrified, in a small fishing boat.

“Mary Queen of Scots: a Brief History” is a great introduction to the life of the young queen of Scots, who lived through a momentous time in Scotland’s history.

Available as a paperback from all Amazon sites.



“Exploring Mary’s Scotland” is an expanded version of “Mary Queen of Scots – a Brief History”. As well as providing a more detailed biography of Mary, “Exploring Mary’s Scotland” also describes the main palaces, castles and sites in Scotland Mary is associated with. Is is partly a Queen of Scots travelogue and can be followed when touring Scotland, or from an armchair anywhere.

Available from all Amazon sites in paperback and Kindle format.  29,000 words and 33 original colour photographs.



Also available from Apple Books.

“Exploring History in the Scottish Borders” tells the story of the of the English/Scottish borderland from the time of the Romans, through the Scottish wars of independence, the turbulent 16th century and Henry VIII’s “rough wooing”, up until the reopening of part of the Waverley Line by Queen Elizabeth in 2015.

Published by Ian Douglas

Available from all Amazon sites in paperback and Kindle format. 



Also available from Apple Books

Bert Martin was captured at the battle of Tobruk. He managed to acquire notebooks to start writing a diary. Bert and his comrades were moved from camp to camp in Italy and Germany as the Nazis retreated. They finally gained their freedom outside Dresden as the war neared its end, and made their way through the chaos of a disintegrating Germany to the Allied lines.

Bert’s diary, and interviews he gave to the Imperial War Museum, were compiled and edited by his daughter Hazel Spencer to document the real experiences of a PoW in World War 2.

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