The Heritage Photographer is a history blog.  Often, but not always, about Scottish history, and usually supported by photographs.  If you love history, please read and like!

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  1. Ian, The copy of Exploring History in the Scottish Borders you so graciously sent to me arrived this morning (31/12/15). I cannot tell you how thrilled and delighted I was when I open this unexpected gift. It will certainly be available to our readers. I cannot thank you enough.
    We lived in the UK between 84 and 87 and I have visited almost all of the towers, castles and etc., you report on. As a Yank, permanently living there, I virtually ran a B&B and guide service for relatives who came to visit.
    Our UK ties are strong with memberships in The Scottosh Soc. of Antiquities, The World Burns Federation and, even, the St. Moritz Toboggan Club.
    Retirement has limited my ability to travel as much as I used to but I still get around.
    I published a historical biography on an American born Scot titled: “Perilous Pathes” covering one mans live betwee 1770 and 1815 (birth & death) He crammed a lot of adventure in those short years. Dr. Gerard Carruthers at Glasgow University has a copy. A I should be delighted to send you one as well just to show what contribution some of the Scottish diaspora made here in America.

    I tend to ramble. So, I’ll quite by wishing you and yours a prosperous and happy New Year.
    All the best,
    George McClellan


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